Offline Monday


@inversedream Do you even tweet sis?


@livingheart Not on Monday she doesn’t


@chattytamster And here I thought she was an addict… I don’t even know her anymore


I think she is but she’s been doing this thing lately where she doesn’t tweet on Monday. I applaud her.


STOP IT! You’ll only encourage her. What’ll we do when she finds out there’s a REAL…

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Pack Adventure Bags

Life is too short not to.

Child of Dust - Savannah Ellis

Child of Dust by Savannah Ellis

I love Savannah Ellis.

Let me say that again.

I love Savannah Ellis

Child of Dust – Savannah Ellis

Her heart is like … raw. She’s an honest artist soul and despite growing up in church and going on missions (you know, the works) she’s also been through a lot.

She gets very honest in her blogs. And also in her music.

Listen here:


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Not All Who Wander Are Lost - Chris Thile

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Bandying about Google Play one day, Big Sam Thompson came on the All Access shuffle. And in an instant I was audibly smitten. Released in 2001, there is so much heart in this new “oldie but goodie” that I couldn’t help but play the whole album on repeat for days since. For those who know, Chris Thile is the mandolin prodigy of the band Nickel Creek. If that doesn’t…

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