Why I’m Making Time to See October Baby this Weekend And You Should To!

I rarely endorse movies so hear my passion:

October Baby is a One of a Kind, Culture-Changing Film.

First, let me start by saying that I greatly admire the story-telling ability of The Erwin Brothers … for years.
What is their genre?

October Baby Movie Poster

Music Videos.

¬†Moving stories for Casting Crowns’ “Slow Fade” and Red’s “Feed the Machine” create a strong theatrical impact by presenting a visual narrative to illustrate the song, making the song There Dimensional.

October Baby is their first feature film EVER. With their form of storytelling, it’s going to be powerful.

Secondly, Rachel Hendrix is a Gem. For an unknown actress in a big film, I’ve rarely seen such naturalism. Not since The Princess Bride. And even rarer are you able to instantly trust an actor to “live the story.” She is phenomenal and the internet is going to blow up about it.

Thirdly, to present such a controversial subject in such an accessible way within the journey of a young woman seeking to discover her history is nothing short of magical. If you want to know the topic, google it for yourself … And buy tickets while you’re at it.

Oh, juicy tidbits: there is a lovestory and it is genuine. No fake interaction & no perfect people. Also, men of the “Braveheart” persuasion Will enjoy this!

October Baby is an Absolute Must See!!!