My Tumblr Girl

Soaring Vistas.

Tiny Treasures.

A Braid of Hair.

The Innocent Heart.

Placed within a dusky blue frame

only by a scroll bar tamed

(“tamed” is slightly.)

My eye does see

inspiration lightly.

Before the end of week:

Girl in Green dress

washing restaurant hands.

"Where’s your forest breeze?"

I ask, her beauty I do see.

We long for models’ life of ease

yet in contentment, our soul’s appeased.

A moment to breathe 

and so we become

the model ourself

yet we are undone.

A picture “self-admired”

is “over-aware” I know;

Only looking outward

do we radiate our glow.

For a mountain was made to look at.

Self-preen, that it does not.

So live your life in contentment

And enjoy the “Forget-me-nots.”

Tumblr changed the way I look at the world. I see so many beautiful girls who don’t know it, it breaks my heart. This poem is for you. <3¬†