Big Hair & Boring Days

It’s like my hair has a better understanding of life than I do.

I don’t always feel like big 80’s hair when I wake up to it most days. Neither do I feel able to do everything I’m purposed for. 

Most days I pin it in a knot, repress myself to “normal,” punch in/out and go home. 

Today I let it loose 80’s style. I tried to balance it with a blazer but I still felt inwardly univalent. 

Why do I have so many exorbitant big dreams? How will I ever do all of them AND wash my dishes?!

It’s like the “day-in/day-out” is trying to steal my dreams! Don’t you feel that way?! Like “When is ‘Someday’”? 

Last week I meand to write twice, vlog, tackle my laundry … but no. And now it’s this week midweek. A mostly fresh page. 

My resolve? 

Keep trying. 

Pick the next bite sized nibble and add it to the incremental scale of complete. 

I hope you’ll do the same. 

Don’t let boring days keep you from your dreams.